Akhillers Kumer

”Motivational Leadership is a great course!”

”It has given me a great insight to be a stronger and committed leader towards my future. My communication and leadership skills have been improved where I am better in team management, project management, time management, visions and goals. I have also developed the ability to listen to my team and understand accordingly. These skills will help me to develop my team and business together to move forward in life.

My team members are highly motivated and self-driven now where we are getting better result day by day and having much better understanding than earlier. According to me, I have learned and developed following skills which are giving awesome results for personal and professional both perspectives;

Good Communicator, Decision-Making Capabilities, Dedication, Commitment and Determination, Honesty and Integrity, Ability to Take Lead in Unforeseen Situations, Finding Opportunities, Having a Clear Vision, Accountability.”

Akhilesh Kumar

Head-Team Mapping & Scan2BIM Swecogroup, India

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